Past Beneficiaries

2019 Beneficiary: Assistance League of Montgomery County,                                  Operation School Bell


In 2019, after considering requests from numerous local charities, The Woodlands Charities, Inc. selected the Assistance League of Montgomery County and their Operation School Bell project as our 2019 focus. Operation School Bell provides school children in need with new clothes for school in a dignified way. Children in the project shop with an Assistance League volunteer with partner stores to get their new clothing for around $100.00 per child. Assistance League helps a large number of children, but cannot fund all of the clothing for all of the children in need. The Woodlands Charities, Inc. is excited to help a good organization help more school children receive school clothes. 


2018 Beneficiary:  Texas Children’s Hospital, The Woodlands


In 2018, The Woodlands Charities, Inc. held its first “Chef Showdown” featuring community leaders entertaining guests and cooking to help raise funds for a new Texas Children’s Hospital, The Woodlands “Family Fund.” By combining the funds from the Chef Showdown with funds from its 2018 “Into The Woods” Halloween party, The Woodlands Charities, Inc. is excited to create the Family Fund to help families with children fighting cancer.


2017 – Postponed Due to Hurricane Harvey


In 2017, as The Woodlands Charities, Inc. was in the final stages of planning its “Into The Woods” Halloween party in order to create a “Family Fund” for Texas Children’s Hospital, The Woodlands, Hurricane Harvey caused an incredible amount of damage to the Greater Houston area. To support other charities’ efforts to help Harvey’s victims, The Woodlands Charities, Inc. postponed its 2017 work until 2018. Despite the weather, The Woodlands Charities, Inc. still helped boost spirits at the Texas Children’s Hospital, The Woodlands campus by blanketing it with gold ribbons in support of Children’s Cancer Awareness Month.


2016 Beneficiary:  Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center


 In 2016, immediately after coming into existence, The Woodlands Charities, Inc. was the first outside organization to benefit Canopy. Our charity provided funds to Canopy and raised awareness about Canopy in the community as it opened to the public. 

Canopy is a warm and welcoming place, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere for those who visit. Canopy offers a wide variety of free programs to address the emotional, physical and social needs of those touched by cancer.

For more about Canopy, visit its website at